1 Year: Noah

To sum this shoot up in one word: WHEW! I’m still trying to catch my breath! 🙂 As Jen and Matt were getting Noah ready, Jen mentioned that she did not want traditional family pictures. With another little one along the way by the time they hung up these pictures they would need new ones. So I was definitely all in for “untraditional” family pictures. I’m not one for the standing/siting crossing arms, heads turned sideways and saying cheese, not at all! Let me just say, I never knew that during a one year old session that I would be using nearly every inch of the studio. Noah wanted to go every BUT the backdrop. While some photographers might get upset, frustrated or impatient… or dare I say bring out the Barney stuffed animal to capture attention, I followed him with the camera, not to mention I followed him practically crawling along the floor. Maybe it’s the wedding photographer in me to just follow, or maybe it was because momma Jen wanted untraditional pictures, I was totally fine with testing out different areas!

The session was a total blast!! Although my drywall was not completed yet, we were able to make it work. I remember my photographer teacher in college saying, “a good photographer never takes a picture and thinks, ‘what can I do with this in photoshop?'” Well, a photographer with incomplete drywall as the backdrop, that’s all I was thinking! 🙂 Thank God for photoshop!! Overall I thought the pictures turned out great. I thought with another little one on the way these were perfect pictures for a young family. Noah was so much fun, and I look SO forward to more kid sessions in the future.