2012 Expo

I can’t believe it’s already been just over a week since the 2012 Thelma Keller Convention Center Bridal Expo in Effingham, IL took place! I absolutely love this show because the Convention Center is just a great place for wedding receptions and because there are SO many brides that come through. I was blown away by the turn out. But it seems like just a week ago I was beginning my preparations for the expo by sketching up some layouts of my booth, purchasing new prints and albums, and to top it off during this same time we were revamping our website and our logo. This added a little bit more pressure since the logo is kind of important when it comes to the handouts. 🙂 I couldn’t be more thankful for the designers who revamped my look. Based out of Effingham, IL I had Design Pro create a new logo as well as emblems to go with each style of shoot that I do. I was so impressed with the work that I definitely know who I’m going to when we release our new studio brand and cinematography line. Then we had a totally rockin’ web designer completely change up our website. It’s kind of funny too because I went to school for graphic design and web design, but when it comes to my own work I’m my biggest critic and I’ll love something for about a month then I’m ready for something else. So I decided to put down an investment into my website, and it was totally worth it. Earl and Layne captured me and who I am through my website and that’s exactly the message I wanted to get across. 🙂

To top it off we even had the opportunity to do a Busch Stadium engagement shoot! And this shoot was very critical for us as it was going to be a centerpiece to kind of help differentiate us from the other photographers. A week after the cardinals won the World Series we were making it happen. Shooting in and on the dugouts, on the field, in the seats, it was amazing – and definitely a memorable shoot!

When it comes to a bridal expo you have to do everything to set yourself apart, otherwise your just another handout in a brides hand. So we used this Busch Stadium shoot to show that we can offer something different, something unique. But beyond that we wanted to not only offer something different but look different, so this year we decided to open our booth up to a double booth. A full 10 feet by 20 feet of booth space. In case you’re wondering, that’s a TON of room for pictures. Of course these are only two areas we wanted to set ourselves apart.

Overall, it was one incredible expo. We had the opportunity to meet with so many amazing brides and couples, as well as spend some time with some really cool vendors in the area. I look forward to this wedding season and of course I wish all you couples the best of luck planning your wedding. **In case you were away, I’ve included a few pictures of what our booth looked like. :)**