Tiffany // Altamont, IL Senior Pictures

When Tiffany contacted me in regards to her senior session, I looked at my schedule for a Saturday that she wanted and I had a shoot in the morning and a shoot in the evening already booked on top of a commercial session mixed in somewhere during that day. Thankfully she was wanting her pictures in Altamont, so it worked out alright with my travel and where I was going to be. We went out to Ballard Nature Center. I’ve always been a huge advocate for not going to the nature center for pictures because, no lie, on any given saturday, you’ll see anywhere from 5-10 photographers doing pictures out there, for that reason I don’t like it. However, most of these photographers will go to the 3 bridges that the center has to offer and boy, do they use those bridges. I’m sorry but if I see another bridge picture I think I’ll go crazy. The park has so much to offer and you really don’t have to go far to get some amazing pictures that don’t make it look like you weren’t very creative and went to the same location as 30 other photographers. That’s just me though. I don’t want my pictures to look like everyone else’s and the easiest way to do that is to not shoot in the same locations.

We had a great day for pictures too. While it was a bit cold, the clouds covered up the early afternoon sun from blowing out all the pictures. During shoots where it is this cold, I will have the person just keep their jacket on until we are absolutely ready for pictures, no point in freezing as I set up my lighting and everything to get the picture. Tiffany was great to work with, because even though it was pretty cold, she battled through it, even wearing a short sleeve shirt during one part of the shoot!