Abby & Dustin // Altamont, IL Wedding Photography

Wow! What a day. Not only was this such an exciting day because it was a chance to reconnect with and see old friends from way back in the day, but it was also our first “triple threat” wedding, if you will. We had photography, video and boothout all going tonight. And to top it off, it was nothing but green to yellow on the radar directly over where we were, but God was definitely on our side today, and I’m SOOO thankful that we dodged the rain. We got a few sprinkles but it was nothing to keep the wedding from happening and from the pictures you would never know. 🙂 Fortunately overcast skies do provide amazing lighting, so that was definitely a benefit to having an outdoor wedding, and it was a perfect high 60s temperature. It was quite possibly the perfect day for a wedding. And absolutely perfect for us to capture the pictures and video.

Abby and Dustin were in such good spirits as well, even with the chance of rain coming, both were confident the day would go on, and fortunately it worked out perfectly. These two, I swear, are the perfect couple. Seeing the way they look at each other, the way they talk to each other, their vows they wrote for each other, Dustin and Abby are truly meant for one another and I feel so fortunate that they allowed us to capture their big day. Everything about their day was perfect. They turned a standard pole-barn into a beautiful reception hall. With the help of Carriage House Weddings and Anatime, the decor and lighting looked absolutely amazing! You would have no idea what the place looked like without the transformation these two companies did to it. Dustin and Abby’s wedding day was just perfect, I know I sound like a broken record by now, but I’m literally at a loss of words of how to describe just how amazing the day was.

To top off the day, Abby and Dustin wanted to incorporate a harlem shake video into their wedding. Now I’ve done some looking around on youtube and a harlem shake wedding is nothing out of the ordinary, I realize this, but honestly, I wasn’t blown away by many of them. There was maybe one or two that were pretty creative, but let’s be real, a harlem shake video is only as successful as the people participating and the props that are incorporated and I don’t know how, but this wedding party produced!!! Squirrel suit, Penguin suit, blown up animals, and all the hats, glasses, and other odds and ends as well. It was absolutely insane. It worked out perfectly as well for me personally because ever since the harlem shake video became popular I have been wanting to do one SO badly that I was starting to lose hope. This wasn’t the only internet sensation that we incorporated into their wedding of course, The wedding party followed Dusting on his motorcycle down the aisle dancing to “Forever” by Chris Brown. I personally think this is one of the most enjoyable ways to enter into a wedding, who cares if someone did it first, a wedding day is a celebration and dancing down the aisle, it doesn’t get anymore celebratory than that. It’s so fun and it reflects Dustin and Abby’s love perfectly. I absolutely loved the day and can’t wait to show off more pictures and video from their day.

Congrats again Dustin and Abby!!

A little teaser video from the day of. I love the harlem shake! 🙂