Alecia & Colton // St. Elmo, IL Engagement Photography

After a few days of hot and humid weather we finally caught a break and a nice cool breeze came through just in time for Alecia and Colton’s engagement session. I, personally, do not mind working in the heat. Although it usually means I look like I just jumped in a pool, I can deal with it to get great pictures, but often times it means the couple is sweating too and so they have a nice shine in all their pictures. Thankfully with the breeze and most of the shoot taking place in the shade we were able to avoid both parties sweating, win-win. 🙂

We started off at a family owned oil well where Alecia and Colton wrote their initials with a piece of chalk, and I’ve got to say I think these were some of my favorite pictures. Of course any engagement picture set that captures the love a couple has for each other is my favorite. We had so many other locations too, of course and every spot seemed to offer something different from the last and it made their pictures truly amazing. On top of that, the lighting was working for us at every spot as well. Sometimes you have to work around what the sun gives you, because we obviously can’t tell the sun to take a step to the left or right (HA), but during their shoot we didn’t have an issue. Most shoots I do usually involve an area where there is traffic whether it’s on foot or car, so the couple always has those awkward moments where people might drive by slowly and stare, but Alecia and Colton for the most part had locations where it was just us, which was kind of nice because there weren’t any other distractions. That was until the last spot of the shoot when they wanted some near a ball diamond and it look like there was a baseball league set of games happening. I couldn’t help but chuckle and told them that they nearly got away from having an audience. They did great though. The audience (if you will) never seemed to phase them and even Colton was willing to try some romantic kissing poses even with many eyes on them. A lot of times the guys seem to thing they are “too cool” or whatever to do those, but I think this was just another example of the love they have for each other, and it truly shined in their pictures.