Alyssa // Fashion Photography

I’ve said it a number of times now but 2014 is a year of new opportunities, and this is just another one of those opportunities. We’ve been doing Architectural Photography and loving it so far, but another photography service that has been gaining momentum lately is our fashion photography. No this isn’t for a magazine shoot or anything like that (yet!), but it’s a session where it at least has that vibe. Maybe it’s to grow the portfolio of a model, or have head shots for a hopeful actor, whatever the case it’s a new opportunity for me and it’s something I’ve definitely hitting the ground running with. The thing I love about fashion photography, it’s actually quite similar to architectural photography, is that we set up a pose, get it look perfect, Boom! Picture captured. This is very different from what I do with weddings, engagement shoots, families, etc. Where those moments are more candid-based, these are very much pose-based. It’s all about the pose, of course without any cheesiness.

Plus, while this is very different than what I typically do, there is a part of this style of photography that will phase into my everyday photography. Every year I try to grow myself by trying something new or evolving something that I am already doing, and this year when it comes to photography, my plan is to transition into more dramatic pictures. Don’t get this confused, by dramatic, I don’t mean I’m going to fire off 30 flashes in the background, do streaks of light, or streaks of sparklers. Don’t get me wrong, those are fun pictures, but in my opinion, it’s too trendy. Kind of like the dinosaur pictures from last year, fun pictures, but they become outdated very quickly. No, my plan is to do go more of an Annie Leibovitz type of look. Classic fashion photography with a dramatic look. Does this mean EVERY picture I shoot will look like this? No way. That might be too much. Many of my shots will still have the look like what you see with Alyssa’s, but just to do something “different” and doing something that continues to grow my knowledge and experience with photography.

So why do I put this on here now, when I do not have any pictures to show what I plan to do? Let’s call it accountability. By putting it online, if I get to September and I haven’t done anything I plan to do, someone could call me out and say, “what’s up? Why aren’t you doing what you said you would?” 😀 But I promise you this, I will grow and evolve my business because, like I’ve said a million times before, I’m not going to get in a rut of doing the same thing over and over and over. Too many photographers get comfortable and produce the same style of photography for years! No thank you. Until then, here are some shots from Alyssa’s session.