Amber + Brad // Vandalia, IL Wedding Photography

I absolutely love outdoor weddings, and this year has been an amazing year for them. I think over half our weddings this year have/will be outside. We have had a few miserable weeks for the heat, but it’s honestly not been too bad this summer. Amber and Brad caught kind of the tail end of the heat. I think it was a high of 90, maybe low 90s but it wasn’t unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely the type of heat that made you sweat by simply breathing, but it wasn’t anything too crazy. Now the groomsmen in their full suits might say otherwise. haha However, hot or cold, it was sunny out, it’s a wedding day, that’ll make any temperature feel good. Amber and Brad had a little different situation than most of our couples when they booked me. I won’t get into it too much, but after receiving a phone call from her and hearing the situation they had with their previous photographer, it was seriously stressing me out having to hear the pain they went through. This was all within a couple months of their wedding!! Thankfully I had the date available and we were able to figure something out and I’m so thrilled to have a chance to get to know them. I had a blast working with Amber and Brad. Brad was such a laid back groom, but not so laid back that he didn’t care about the photography side of things because he did, and even had a couple areas picked out to do pictures – I LOVE this when the groom is involved with the pictures, and I swear those are the weddings that have some of the best pictures. I don’t do anything different but that attitude just helps everything. 🙂 And Amber was such a fun, sweet bride to work with. No matter what kind of issues happened that morning of she wasn’t going to let it affect her big day. Even if it was the power going out and losing air conditioning during prep, and let me tell you, 10 people crammed into a small area with no air conditioning, it gets hot quick. Most brides at that point would be freaking out, but Amber seemed to just keep her composure and kept rolling with whatever the day threw at her. And honestly, this is so common with weddings. Little hiccups here and there, but so many of them are out of your control, at that point you just have to say ‘whatever’, and go with the flow. 🙂

And wow, was the location of their wedding simply amazing!! It was on some family property and it was absolutely perfect for a wedding and for pictures. We drove around the property after the wedding and captured so many different locations and each one was just amazing!! After a TON of pictures we made our way to the reception and just like the rest of the day, the reception went flawlessly and was an absolutely blast. As Amber and Brad shared their first dance together you could see so easily the love these two have for each other, and it was an honor having the opportunity to capture that love.