Architectural Photography // TEN Brooke LeAnn + Jimmy Johns Effingham, IL

This probably started late-summer of 2013, I started doing pictures for a dental company, Heartland Dental Care in Effingham, IL. They had just completed the construction of their new building and wanted some pictures of it for their magazine they put out. Everything from the interior to the exterior. This led to the opportunity opening up do to architectural pictures of the Carriage House in Altamont, IL where we did pictures of the interior and exterior as well. While this is a very different type of shoot for us, it’s awesome being able to capture images showing off what human minds and hands are capable of. From the drawing board to the hammering of nails. Construction has always fascinated me. Having grown up around a construction company, it’s been something I’ve enjoyed seeing as a house would go from a hole in the ground to a home in just a matter of months.

So when I was given the opportunity to do some photography work for Grunloh Building, Inc. I was more than thrilled; on top of Heartland Dental, Carriage House we were given the opportunity to photograph a couple of private businesses, TEN Brooke LeAnn Boutique, Jimmy Johns, as well as a dental office in St. Louis, MO (blog coming next weekend). The thing I love about architecture photography  is that it’s something that is set up. Unlike a wedding where you capture moments, architectural requires time to set up the lighting. What do you light up? How much light do you give it? What angle do you shoot? And of course many other questions, but rather than simply snapping a snap shot or a candid moment this requires you to capture something that the mind’s eye sees. So it’s definitely an exciting opportunity, and I look forward to what the future may hold in this area, because it’s not only fun to set up the pictures, it’s also challenging and it’s this challenge and the fact that it is something new that drives me and pushes me to be better.