Ashlee // St. Elmo, IL Senior Photographer

I know I sound like a broken record right now, but I’m loving this winter weather we are having. If only the landscape could turn green we could start outdoor sessions much earlier this year. 🙂 What a GREAT way to welcome in March – 61 degrees and nothing but sunshine. St. Elmo was a new location for me as I had not done any photography downtown, in fact I didn’t even know St. Elmo had a downtown until about two weeks ago. I’ve lived in this area all my life, and had no idea. I found it kind of humorous too, I just mentioned in my previous blog post how it’s awful for towns to have buildings that are crumbling, trash in the ally ways and I feel so bad for them, but man do I LOVE them for pictures. And the second location we went to for Ashlee’s senior pictures… A crumbing old theater. I’m a huge fan of old buildings. I love walking through old abandoned houses, barns, or even old places of business. It’s just so cool to see a part of history. And I guess in this area, you could almost compare it to cave exploration for those who have the opportunity to do it. 🙂 Yeah, it’s about the same thing.

Anyway, Ashlee is another one of my Street Team ambassadors. I knew from her first email expressing interest in becoming an ambassador that she would be a perfect fit. She’s extremely nice and very outgoing. I love senior sessions like this because let’s face it, it’s not always the most comfortable thing to have a camera in your face, even if you like posting pictures of yourself online. But Ashlee was up for anything, even waiting about 20 minutes for it to get darker just to try a shot I wanted to experiment with. As I drove past the main strip in St. Elmo a couple weeks ago I glanced over and saw the street lights and thought that it would make for a cool picture. Well, driving by at 40 mph and standing in the middle of the street are two different views. Let’s just say, what I saw driving by was more comparable to a downtown St. Louis look (minus the tall buildings) at night. What was really there; about 20 light pools and a dirty street. Whoops. But Ashlee was a trooper for waiting around, and it’s just another example of why I think she’ll be an awesome ambassador for us this year. 🙂