Ashley // Effingham, IL Senior Photographer

Can you believe it’s February?!! Maybe if you’re from the northern states you might think so, but wow! The day of Ashley’s senior shoot it was mid to upper 50s and I even worked up a small sweat during the shoot. 🙂 Ashley is part of our 2013 Senior Street Team this year, and we started the promo shoots this month. And if Ashley’s shoot was any sort of reflection of her success as an ambassador, I look forward to seeing what she’s able to do. Ashley was a great model to work with, and if it’s not clear in the pictures, we didn’t shoot in the cleanest of places, but she did a great job of making the locations shine! Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting in greener areas, but there’s something about shooting in a dirty ally way that seems to boost my creativity. And it’s always fun to make people wonder what in the world we are doing photographing such a nasty area. Seriously, though, shoot a close up of a face with garbage in the back (I’m talking rusted microwaves, car parts, etc) and just look how amazing the picture looks. 🙂

It goes along with my branding too – you won’t find those cheesy location/scenery backdrops with me – you know, the warehouse backdrop or my favorite, a fireplace backdrop. lol Not at all. You want warehouse pictures, we’ll go to a warehouse and shoot on location, plus it’s more fun than shooting in a studio. 🙂

Anyway, working with Ashley was a blast, and I look forward to working with her as a senior ambassador.