Ashley+Robby // St. Elmo, IL Engagement Pictures

Robby and I have known each other for quite a while now, from church to our hockey team, he even shot video with me last year. I remember when he would come to my office to work on video editing and he would talk about his wedding and what kind of pictures he would like and at the time he wasn’t even with someone, so I figured my chance to photograph his wedding was at least a few years away. Little did I know he would meet his soon to be wife, Ashley shortly after that. Shortly after that, I’m terrible with time frames, but it wasn’t too much longer I see on facebook they are engaged and next thing I know I’m getting the email asking about wedding pictures!! SO EXCITING! 🙂

We did their engagement pictures starting at a farm and moved to some pretty awesome locations throughout the boondocks of St. Elmo. Completely random places too. One place, I swear had to be the inspiration for the Book of Eli. The house looked just like the one in the movie and it even had an old piano in there. Hardly workable anymore but it still added kind of a creepy feel, yet it was totally open in the area so it provided for a bright/cheery look for the engagement session too. I like a little bit of both. It’s amazing what you can find out in the country, and of course we had permission to shoot at each of these locations (not that I’m opposed to pushing the limits… shh), so it was definitely pretty cool to have free-reign pretty much. One of our other locations was an old grocery store and while it didn’t look like much, buildings like this I look at and can’t help but wonder what it was like when the place was hoppin’. How were products delivered to them? How long did it take to receive product? Or was the product home made? How many customers came through daily? Questions like this fill my mind and I wish I could look through my camera and see into the past. Maybe one day, right? With the way technology is going, who knows? haha That may be a little too sci-fi wishful thinking though.

Robby and Ashley were fantastic to work with though. They could just look at each other and produce the best look for such a special moment for the engagement pictures and of course this made it fun for me to photograph these moments. So much so that I took the most pictures I’ve ever taken during an engagement session. This isn’t necessarily a good thing either. It’s awesome that we have so many pictures, yes, but it definitely added a day or two to the turnaround time (or maybe a week). It also made it hard, because let’s be real, they are a good looking couple. How do you choose what pictures to keep when a couple looks this good together? I had a blast working with them and definitely can’t wait for the wedding day, not only to capture their big day but because their wedding will be taking place in Dallas, Texas, so I’m definitely excited to travel for the shoot.