Blog + Video + Tony Romo

I’m so sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. While this isn’t the busiest time as far as shoots are concerned it’s definitely a busy time preparing for the upcoming year; i.e. what do I want to do differently this year – new shooting styles/angles, new edits, and how do I provide a better overall experience for those I have the honor of working with? We have some BIG plans for this coming year from as little as client meetings to some new offerings.

So we’ll dive right into some of the new things we are offering this year! I’m sure many of you have seen in on our facebook or heard me talking about it, but we are getting into the wedding video industry this year. On numerous occassions we’ve been asked in the past if we offer video, and unfortunately because I cannot clone myself a few times to have three of me doing the work I want, it just wasn’t possible. The need was there, though and I really wanted to be able to provide an amazing video experience to wedding in this area. However, I didn’t want to dive in and do it half-heartedly and provide mediocre work that’s not worth paying for, and I think too many times we see that happen. I’ve been told by a few naysayers that no one pays for wedding videos in this area. However, I feel differently. Because we aren’t just providing a two or three camera angle wedding video shot from all tripods. Of course no one would pay for that, because a family member could easily do that. We also aren’t editing our footage cheaply and quickly either, by this I mean, we’re not offering a video full of zooming in/out cheesy faded shots. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂

We had the incredible opportunity to shoot a wedding video this past weekend, and it was such a blast, and I’m SO happy with the footage we captured, on our first wedding no less. As I mentioned above, we are not doing this half-heartedly. In fact, working on the trailer for the wedding video, we spent over three hours working on just half of the 3 minute trailer. We’re putting everything into creating the best wedding video we can, and I’m so grateful and happy to have Robby on board to shoot weddings. He has a vision that I believe is similar to mine when it comes to wedding videos, and he’s no stranger to weddings as he has experience with a top wedding decorator in Dallas, TX.

Speaking of Texas, that brings me to my next point, as I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth I had Tony Romo listed on my blog post. This past Tuesday, we had another incredible opportunity to shoot video for Eastern Illinois University’s Athletic Director’s gala at the Thelma Keller Convention Center in Effingham, IL. The featured guest… you guessed it – Tony Romo. I’m incredibly honored and thankful that I was considered for the video position and of course, with Anatime Entertainment at the helm producing the show, it was a well-run event and a great evening overall.

Hope you all have a happy Friday. And keep your eyes peeled in the next week as we hope to debut our first wedding video trailer!! 🙂