Boone & Jessica // Louisville, IL Wedding Photographer

The past 2 weekends prior to Boone and Jessica’s wedding I was SO fortunate enough to work as a second shooter with one of the nation’s leading wedding photographers. This was an incredible learning opportunity to see how a photographer of their caliber photograph weddings. It was absolutely amazing and refreshing being able to soak everything they were doing. It was also pretty breath taking walking into these reception halls that cost in to the 25-35 thousand dollar price range. Needless to say, I was super excited to come back the next weekend and shoot my own wedding with some new ideas, and it definitely showed, at least I think so.

It’s always funny how small of a world we live in. Boone and Jessica just got engaged a few months ago and of course the odds of finding a photographer available in such short notice can be a daunting task. Out of all the days I had available, I actually had November 3 free. We talked about their day and had everything lined out and on our way up there Natasha was looking through the schedule and we were talking about Boone and Jess and when she learned Boone’s last name she realized they went to high school together, so of course there were lots of familiar faces for her which always adds a sense of comfort when shooting a wedding. Small world though. 🙂

Weddings are of course such a blast to work with, but I think the thing I love most is when you see the love the couple has for each other, because every couple is different. Boone and Jess could just look at each other and you knew they were in love, and wow did these looks make for some amazing pictures. And although it was freezing outside and the wind, at times, felt like ice hitting you, Boone and Jess and their wedding party fought through it like it was nothing. These are definitely weddings I very much enjoy even though my fingers are frozen and my nose is running like no tomorrow, I love it when the couple can forget about the cold and do whatever it takes for amazing pictures. Congrats again Boone and Jessica on your big day!!