Wedding: Brant & Kirstie

We have finally made it to the day that I could do my sister’s wedding pictures. After 2 or 3 engagement sessions, we finally wrap it up with one of the best looking weddings I have done. The ceremony took place at New Hope church where the use of can lights came into play with the decorations.

Kirstie and Brant were engaged on the beach, and because we live so far from an ocean beach, they did the best they could with a stage. Canopy with beachy lights, and a beach projected on the screens above. While we are so far away from a beach, it definitely felt like we were close to one there!
There was also a chance of thunderstorms that day which had me nervous about getting any outdoor pictures. However, the storms held off through the day, BUT the temperature did not. I think it was about 100 degrees with 100% humidity, it was ridiculously hot outside. But either way, the wedding went great, and lots of great pictures came out of it.