Bridal Expos

After a busy month of preparation, construction, and miles traveled, the bridal expos are now behind. Two weeks ago I had the Keller Convention Center bridal expo in Effingham. In preparation for it, I had planned on being on an outside booth, then three weeks before the expo I get my layout only to find out that I have a corner booth!! 🙂 My emotions were in a tangle. I was excited to be in a corner booth, yet the headache of designing a new layout and purchasing of furniture and materials was at full force. Thankfully, my last item for the display arrived just 3 days before the expo, and everything was set to go. I arrived in Effingham, unloaded the vehicles and set up. As the craziness of the hundreds of brides, grooms, parents and friends began, I was reminded of the flock of people lined out of a store on black friday ready to purchase their tickle-me-elmo. Somehow, during all the craziness, I was able to meet with a lot of great people and get my information out to them and even share some laughs. It was a great success overall.

Two weeks later, I’m preparing for the same thing only 30 miles away in Mattoon. It hit me as I arrived at the mall that this was actually the first time I’ve been there since their remodel, and the mall looked fantastic! And of course the 12’x12′ booths provided for a pretty spacey event. While not as busy as the Keller, the Mattoon expo was still a success. I again met with a bunch of new people, and even some from the Keller expo. However, the big difference is I felt like I could breath with more room, not near as crowded, and I was able to spend a little bit more time with brides.  All in all, these past two weeks have been simply amazing, and I look forward to hearing from all the brides-to-be that I was able to talk with! 🙂

Here are some pictures of the display. (pictures are from my iPhone, so excuse the quality. lol)

Cross County Mall Expo

Keller Convention Center Expo