Brooke & Grant // Effingham, IL Wedding Photographer

Brooke and Grant’s wedding was definitely a unique wedding in many ways. Their wedding took place at a church I have not been to in over 3 years ago, and last time I was there Natasha and I were getting married. It was definitely a thrilling opportunity to be on the other side of the camera this time. 🙂 On top of all the nostalgia, it was just about the PERFECT day for a wedding – high of 70, nothing but sun and no chance of rain, and of course with weather like this and a wedding, spirits were very high. As I walked through the doors of the church I was greeted by the sounds of Darth Vader’s theme music in Star Wars, this immediately set the mood for how today would go, and I definitely do not mean that in a negative way. 🙂 As the ceremony started the music from old video games and such set the tone for the march into the church and I absolutely loved this!

As the ceremony came to a close, Brooke and Grant turned to the crowd and made their exit to the Indiana Jones theme song, I mean come on! Is that not just the coolest exit ever? The grand entrances didn’t stop there. 🙂 As the wedding party arrived to the reception, they were given a wrestler worthy introduction. As each couple made their way into the reception hall, they were given their own music and unique introduction just like a wrestling event intro. So obviously, I’m sure you can tell what kind of personalities these two have. They were such a fun couple, and so perfect for each other. The whole day was filled with such unique and fun ideas and I am so honored that I was given the opportunity to capture all of their special moments, and I know Brooke and Grant will remember them for a lifetime.

A huge congratulations to these two, and I think the only way we can close out this thread is with, “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!” 🙂