Calee // St. Elmo Senior Photographer

I remember meeting with Calee and her mom to kind of go over what she expected for her pictures, and I remember she asked if I had heard of Jasmine Star, which of course I had. I’m a huge fan of her stylized and candid/style pictures –  then after hearing her speak at a conference I was inspired to truly find who I was as a photographer and what kind of pictures I wanted to provide my clients. Plus, I thought it was SO awesome that a senior in a small rural town enjoys looking a pictures from some of the best photographers the industry has to offer, so of course I was more than happy to provide her these style of shots, of course with a hint of Steffen in the pictures. 🙂

The day of the shoot could not have worked out more perfectly! The morning started of rain off and on again, so as you can imagine I was getting a little down that we wouldn’t be able to get the shoot in, and if it didn’t work I wasn’t available for another couple weeks! Plus the fall colors were in full force, so I didn’t want to see an opportunity to capture pictures with all those colors slip away. So naturally I said a prayer for at least the rain to stop, and later found out that Calee’s mom was doing the same, and I’m sure Calee was too! 🙂 And wouldn’t you know, the weather cleared up more than just the rain stopping, it went from cool, grey, and rainy to sunshine, warm and just a perfect day for a shoot. The sun was definitely in our favor as it poured it’s shine on the tress and brought out so many oranges and reds it almost didn’t look real!

We had a ton of fun just capturing Calee’s laughter and her smiling self, the pictures turned out amazing! I think some of my favorite pictures in fact were some pictures we did behind my studio in a dirty alley. It’s just fun the different places you can make look good. 🙂 The best part about Calee’s shoot is that she is doing two sessions!! Session 2 will come as soon as it snows, and if the weather keeps up like it is, who know’s it’ll probably be next week. HA