Carly // Effingham, IL Senior Pictures

Senior sessions, these just keep getting more and more enjoyable, and interesting (you’ll find out why in a second). I absolutely love working with seniors, it’s a chance to take a break from the craziness of a wedding and allows me to have a chance to work with just one person and I definitely try and use this time to try new things, whether it’s in the posing, the lighting, the angles, etc. Carly was an awesome senior to work with, she was again one of those seniors that could almost read my mind, I knew what I was trying to say for the pose, but it usually results in my trying to do the pose myself to show them what I want, which has to be a scene I’m sure because I’m sure I look absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully I didn’t have to do too much of that with Carly because she was rockin’ the session herself. Now the interesting part, Effingham is notorious for housing some creeps downtown. Usually this involves a guy SLOWLY driving by, maybe multiple times staring out his window. Super ridiculous, and insane seeing that most of the time it’s a senior in high school, so double creepy!! This time, Carly not only had the slow drive by staring guy, These guys decided to stop in middle of the road and started yelling out at her. Talk about awkward – and this was in front of the jail no less. HA Without going on a tangent, I just don’t understand these types of guys, whether it’s the ones who yell out or the ones who drive by slowly, what are they expecting the outcome to be? Are they expecting the girl to kick off her heels and starting running after them because they were so classy in their approach?

Creepiness aside, and with the exception of that moment, the rest of the session was a blast. Carly was awesome to work with and the locations we got were absolutely amazing! We start out at the TREC trails in Effingham and finished downtown. I love trying new things downtown because there are some great locations, but obviously they are used by many, so trying to do something different can prove to be a challenge, but I think we did pretty good with our spots.