Carriage House // Reception Hall Altamont, IL

If you live in the area, I’m sure you’ve either driven by/through Altamont and have seen the large conference hall being built. We had the pleasure of being able to view it and even set up some photos of a kind of typical reception hall look to kind of show off how magnificent this place is. The Carriage House is truly a unique reception hall for the area. It very much resembles a higher class, big-city type of reception hall and I’m so excited to see the future of this place and just how many wedding receptions it will host. It’s got a second level balcony, a side room and the exterior looks amazing as well. I’m not 100% on the capacity of the building, but they did say they have an 800-person reception coming up soon, so if that says anything, it says it’s pretty large! The stairway coming down from the balcony is definitely the centerpiece of the hall and it will definitely add a bit of “royalty” when a couple is introduced as husband and wife when they enter the hall. We actually have our first wedding at Carriage House in September and I’m so excited for the day to get her to see the type of work we can produce with a full-on reception hall. Until then, here are some pictures showcasing an idea of what the hall could look like. Lighting was provided by Anatime Event Group.