Senior: Cecelia

Back to my old stomping grounds of Ramsey, the evening was perfect for senior pictures. Sky was golden and blue, just a hint of clouds, a little warm, but not terrible. Bringing out Cecelia’s personality was not hard at all. It was a matter of seconds and she was laughing, and just having a great time. I was looking at some other senior pictures prior to this session and saw a picture with a girl leaning agains a John Deere tractor, it was a beautiful picture, and ever since I saw it, I was hoping for a session one day to shoot with a massive tractor in the back. In the second half of Cecelia’s session she said she had another location she’d like to hit, that location was on a farm…with a massive john deere tractor. 🙂

The session was a blast, and Cecelia’s fun personality, and giggly style came out in no time. So I give this session a success.