Colton & Alecia // Day After Session Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

Not only do I love day after sessions, but I absolutely love sessions during the fall. Of course I think this is pretty obvious seeing that fall is one of the busiest times for photographers. As I waited for Colton and Alecia to meet me at the Ballard Nature Center in Altamont, I looked up at the cloudy sky wondering if we were going to have enough time to get a session in. About a minute before I met them it started to rain a little bit and as you can probably guess, rain and camera equipment do not mesh well together. However, we were so fortunate that the rain had stopped almost at the exact time they pulled into the parking lot. While the rain is no fun, the clouds that cover the sky are amazing! I’ve mentioned this before but a cloudy sky, as I have heard once said, is a giant softbox gifted from God, and is this ever the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I love partly cloudy skies and having the ability to make some dramatic pictures, but when it cloudy out, the light is so even and easy to work with, I’ll take cloudy any day. 🙂

Working with Colton and Alecia again was a blast. These sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorites because we get that wedding day feel and look without the wedding day stress. It’s just a blast walking around with the couple, taking our time, and capturing some pretty amazing pictures.