Colton & Alecia // Strasburg, IL Wedding Photography

Walking into the church of Alecia and Colton’s wedding I was taken back three years when I first started shooting weddings. I remember churches that had primarily all wood and red fabric were my worst nightmare because I hate seeing deep reds in pictures, especially in the skin tones and wood and red fabric seem to bring out red skin tones like it’s nobody’s  business. Fast forward three years later and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of churches with primarily all wood in it. It’s this type of challenge that not only grows me as a photographer, but it’s the challenges that weddings bring year after year as I grow that make me love this job even more. And I might be biased toward my own pictures, but I definitely think the reds weren’t a problem with Colton and Alecia’s pictures.

We went outside starting with Alecia and her bridesmaids to get some pictures of them. Keep in mind it was about 12:30 in the afternoon at this point. The wind decided it was a good time to start blowing and it was already in the low 60s, which was great weather minus the wind making it even colder. Needless to say we were not out there extremely long, but they were all troopers and stuck with it and in the pictures you wouldn’t even realize that they are all shivering and screaming at the wind. 🙂 And maybe this is just me, but this is a memory that Alecia will have with those pictures, and in my opinion I think that would make it kind of fun looking back on them and saying, “Remember how cold it was?” or something like that. That’s what pictures are all about, right?

The wedding went great, the wedding party members were such a blast to work with and Colton and Alecia were awesome as well. I’m also a fan when the couple has ideas for pictures and with a lot of decorations ideas at the wedding coming from Pinterest, I knew there would be some ideas flowing, and the bridesmaids and Alecia were full of them. Some photographers look down on this or at least look down on photographers who welcome ideas, but in my opinion, I say the more interaction, the better. Anything that gets the wedding part or the couple involved, I’m all for that. Plus the great thing with pinterest is you can take an idea from there, start shooting it and because I”m not the same photographer that took the original photo that was posted, the picture will then evolve into my own creation. Win-win.

Overall is was such a great day. We got some really fun pictures, and the day just went perfectly. Congratulations again Colton and Alecia! Now on to the pictures::