Dakota + Jake // Princeton, IN Engagement Pictures

It seems like just yesterday I was in Colorado for an engagement session, and just a few short days later I’m traveling to southern Indiana for an engagement shoot. I’m not going to lie, I LOVE traveling for sessions. There’s just something awesome about getting out and seeing new locations, and going into a shoot with a fresh set of eyes to photograph territory I’ve not seen before, or much of. Dakota and Jake had a couple locations in mind and they turned out to be amazing. One location was a random barn off the road with a nice plot of grass and lots of trees surrounding it, I probably could have done the entire session at that location, but of course I wanted to see more. 🙂 Even with how humid it was, I was ready for an amazing engagement session. Dakota and Jake were fantastic; they were such a fun couple and they just look great together. Like I said, our first location was at a barn surrounded by trees, and with the humidity already high, this made it really interesting with no breeze whatsoever making it even hotter out, but these two were troopers and at least in the pictures you would never know how hot it was out.

On top of the humidity a storm was coming in, and I thought for sure we would be rained out. Typically with any kind of session we’ll wait to see what the weather is showing the day before and decide if we should reschedule. The weather channel was showing 0% chance of rain… until we got to about 15 minutes away from Princeton and a random pop-up storm decided to appear. No lie, if you looked at the radar, there was nothing around except for this little dot nearly over Princeton. Fortunately, the rain was gone as quickly as it appeared and we didn’t have any issues, except maybe a slight increase in humidity, but I’ll take that over rain any day, especially when I’m driving over 2 hours away.

Our last stop was at an old train station. When we arrived, a train whistle was blaring in the distance. Realizing it was headed our way, I had Dakota and Jake set up on the super nice brick waiting area there just in time for the train to be going by. This is where some years of knowledge kicked in. To get the train blurry I had to drag the shutter slow enough to blur it but not too slow that I couldn’t hold it still, but with a slower shutter meant my f-stop had to be correct, I literally had about 5 seconds to get these settings right and the train was there. And boy, was that thing LOUD! haha Trying to get as many poses in without knowing how much train we had, I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs to tell them what to do. But it all worked out great, the session was incredible, and working with Dakota and Jake was so much fun!