Dakota+Jake // Princeton, IN Wedding Photography

This had to be one of the most confusing weddings I’ve ever shot – and I don’t mean the wedding day itself, but the time zones. Maybe I’ve not looked a time zone map very carefully but I’ve always assumed that all of Indiana was eastern time zone, so being in central time zone I have to plan for this. I confirmed with probably 3 different people included Dakota, and looked at a handful of websites just to be sure, because there would be nothing worse than to show up to a wedding as a photographer an hour late! Every source confirmed it was central time zone, so we planned accordingly. On our way down, we looked at our phones and noticed it had switched to Eastern time – at this point my heart was racing, apparently there is a dip into Indiana that is central but you have to drive through some eastern time to get to it. This is how the day started.

I’m on edge as it is on a wedding day, and when I say on edge, keep in mind that I do not mean I’m nervous, it’s the stress of a wedding day – I thrive on it! It’s like a basketball player who is in charge of making the clutch play; it’s super stressful but you thrive on that moment… the moment that you score the buzzer beater to win the game. This is the kind of edge I’m on, and then to see a time zone change, my adrenaline was going, so forget any red bull before a wedding, the clock gave me all the energy I needed. This brings us to the wedding day itself, fall is finally here, cooler weather and amazing colors are all over. I love it! Dakota and Jake and their wedding party definitely provided us with a lot of laughs as well as some amazing picture opportunities, even as the rain started to come in we were able to capture some truly unique photos.