Danielle // Altamont, IL Senior Photography

It’s that time of year again, school is close to coming to an end, summer vacation will be here before you know it, and this means it’s the start of our senior ambassador program! We already have so many ambassadors lined out for this year and of course we are still accepting a few more to fill some schools that we have vacant. Ambassadors receive  a free session, but on top of that we do a free promo session. This is where they come out with everything they’ve got. The idea is to spread the word and get referrals so our ambassadors do not hold back. Danielle, for example, came out rockin’ her session even though it was about 30 degrees out. For my photography friends out there, I’m sure you’ve noticed during a shoot in the cold your fingers begin to freeze up and it’s almost hard to push the shutter release down. This was definitely the case at Danielle’s shoot. However, this didn’t stop us. A little wind with the cold – it didn’t matter a bit.

Something new I started doing at the end of last year was editing composites where I would, for example, replace the sky, add in some flares, etc. It completely changes the look of the picture but it adds some flare that really makes it pop. Now I know some may not be a fan of this style and that’s fine. I only do a few per session for this reason, and because it can take upwards of 30-60 minutes to edit them, but it gives you options. Another reason I do it is to continue to push myself to do new things as a photographer. I’ve said it before but I will never get in that rut of shooting the same location, same pose, same lighting, etc. BORING! It will be at that point I no longer do photography. Another thing I’ve been pushing myself to do is to take even the most typical location, because let’s be real, Altamont doesn’t have a lot to offer for photographers who want to shoot something different continually. And I think with Danielle’s session we definitely got some pretty awesome pictures from some really random locations.