Danielle // Pere Marquette State Park Senior Pictures

This was my first morning shoot in quite a while. Most shoots I do, I do them in the evening. I mean let’s be real, it’s cooler, lighting is better, and it’s the end of the day, great way to end it. 🙂 If I can have control of my schedule I will definitely take it, but sometimes, whether it’s the number of shoots on a day, or the weather, or whatever, we have to change up the norm for me. The day of Danielle’s shoot, they were calling for rain in the afternoon, so we made the haul down to Grafton, IL to do her senior pictures at Pere Marquette State Park. She had a couple spots in mind that she wanted pictures. I had never been that way before, so it was all new to me. Upon arrival, though, a gate was locked keeping us from going to the very spots Danielle wanted, and it was too far of a distance to walk. We talked with the staff at the entrance, and they were so awesome, they unlocked the gate for us and allowed us to go to the spots for the pictures, so we were the ONLY people on that road, with no chance of people walking in the background or traffic keeping us from doing some pictures near the road. So a HUGE thank  you to the staff at Pere Marquette state park for being so awesome!

The day turned out wonderfully. The lighting was perfect, temperature was fantastic, and Danielle was so excited for her pictures at this location! It all made for a great day of shooting, and the pictures turned out wonderfully!