Dave & Jen // Effingham, IL Engagement Photography

When Dave and Jen arrived to their location and Dave gets out of the truck saying “I’m ready for my photo shoot!” I knew this would be an extremely fun session. Don’t get me wrong, every engagement session is a blast in itself, but there’s something about an engagement shoot that just rocks when the groom-to-be is all about it. Of course the brides-to-be always want the engagement session, but when the guys can have fun with it, the session seems to be SO much easier. This was definitely the case with Dave and Jen. Plus, you could tell that they just love having fun together. Like most couples they look at me when we start and tell me that they aren’t pros at this so they will need direction. I’m going to be honest, I have yet to photograph professional models, so pretty much everyone is in the same boat here. I knew before we even took the first picture that Dave and Jen’s pictures would be more along the lines of candid/photojournalistic feeling. You could just see it when they would talk with each other and laugh together that this was a couple that would have more pictures of them laughing than them posing, and I’m all about this. So I picked a spot and told them to just talk with each other… these pictures turned out amazing!! Plus, I’m a HUGE fan of pictures with people laughing. Some people aren’t so much a fan of this, but come on, a picture of someone laughing has incredible impact because you see the joy clearly, and it’s almost as if you can hear the laughter as you look at the picture. I love these!

Now, of course it wouldn’t be a session with me if we didn’t try and do something epic. While I love laughing picture, I’m definitely a fan of flares, the sun, and of camera flashes, and the night before Jen sent me an email of a couple on their truck and she mentioned how Dave’s hobby is his truck and it would be pretty cool if they could use it in the pictures. The thing that first started my interest in photography was my car, so anytime someone wants their vehicle in the pictures, of course we’ll do it. 🙂

This was probably one of the most enjoyable engagement sessions I have ever photographed. You can see the pictures of them laughing, and the great thing about these moments was it was usually a joke or something funny that happened, I don’t tell couples to give me a cheesy laugh like you see in fashion magazine, but at this same time I was cracking up to so this definitely made for an enjoyable session. The sun was cooperating with us as well, because you know as a photographer we can tell the sun what to do, am I right? Seriously, sometimes the sun can be a huge pain and just won’t work with you, but the night of Dave and Jen’s engagement session it was all about helping us out and nearly every picture I took I would view it and absolutely love what the sun was doing for the picture. So much so, Dave said I had to stop saying how I loved the pictures that were coming out because it was too much for them to handle to have to wait to see them.  What a night though, and I can’t wait until the wedding, as I’m sure it will be even more amazing!