Wedding: Emilie & Andy

This couple was truly a unique couple! They were such a blast to photograph, because every picture whether candid or posed looked so real. I have no idea how they were able to keep smiling the way they dad throughout the day without feeling any pain in the face. 🙂 But they were such a photogenic couple, and some of the best moments took place after to shots of a posed picture, because they were start laughing, and those turned out wonderfully.

One of the best moments I remember from this day was when they were leaving the wedding. The wedding party and I were walking toward the vehicle so that they could head to the reception hall. As Andy opened the door for Emilie, both of them laughing at this point, he said, “Your carriage awaits.” And they started laughing. Such a REAL and fun moment, I was glad to be there to snap those shots.