Engagement | Ali & Andy

On my way to shoot Ali and Andy’s engagement photos my fear of the look we would be able to get would not be the romantic/dreamy type of pictures that we have all come to love. The clouds filled the sky, it looked like it was on the verge of raining, it was cold and windy… in the middle of May!! As soon as the session started I quickly realized the clouds and cold would not put a damper on these two! Ali’s smile said more than words could ever say. Every pose she was nothing but smiles and laughter, I almost felt bad for asking them to do serious-faced poses. HA But we made the clouds work with us to capture some pretty amazing shots. I once heard a quote that read, “Clouds – a softbox provided by God.” And so true, the lighting you can get with cloud coverage is so even and perfect. But clouds as a backdrop can often times look dark and/or gloomy, but when your preference of pictures is black/white like Ali and Andy want, clouds (in my opinion) are perfect! Having a natural texture as a background, what more could you ask for.

Ali and Andy were an awesome couple to work with, so relaxed and so in love (of course), and when you see them look at each other it’s almost like you can actually hear them say, “I love you.” That or they were saying, “Is there anything my teeth.” 🙂 It was an awesome location that we got to shoot at, a kind of peninsula out into the lake with trees covering, and some great spots for pictures. I think we explored ever inch of that slat of land, and probably took a picture there too.