Engagement: Andy & Jackie

There’s nothing like a nice sunny, cool day downtown St. Louis. I met Andy and Jackie for the first time during the engagement shoot. A lot of times when I do shoots like that, the couple seems very tense, and who would blame them… You’ve got a stranger sticking a camera in your face. Andy and Jackie were different though. The emotion, smiles and laughs, everything was so real and it took no time till you could see the love they have for each other in their pictures. When Jackie said they wanted their pictures in St. Louis, deep down I was thinking “YAY! Engagement pictures at the arch!!!” However, because Andy and Jackie live by St. Louis, the arch isn’t that big of deal, at least not like it is to someone who lives a couple hours away. 🙂 Of course, I definitely understand, not that there are any landmarks in this area, but if there were, I doubt I’d want my pictures next to it. haha Taking the focus away from the arch really allowed us to explore areas of downtown St. Louis. Walking up and down the city garden we found plenty of areas to explore and take pictures at, we even snuck onto a piece of artwork to get a picture! Apparently the pink ribbons around the artwork wasn’t for  Breast Cancer Awareness… I guess it was to keep people out. That didn’t stop us though. Sometimes if you want that shot that no one else will have, you have to just do it.