Engagement | Blake & Crystal

This was my third trip to the “big city”. Blake and Crystal called me and asked what I thought of shooting at St. Louis, I replied, “YES!!!” I was all for shooting somewhere different and somewhere with some great architecture and beautiful scenery. Our day started at the arch (of course), and really we only explored about 5 blocks on the arch landing and captured a TON of images. On top of all that, Blake and Crystal were a blast to photograph. What an awesome couple, we drove down to St. Louis together so for the first 1.5 hours of our six hour day we spent talking about how they met, how they got engaged – by the way what an awesome story… and pictures by what I hear. 😉 With every couple I work with, I try and get to know them on a personal level so that we do not feel so much like strangers, or dare I say that we have that “photographer to client” feel. So spending a total of about 3 hours of our session driving definitely helped to connect with one another!

Anyway, so we wrap up our pictures at the arch and start to work our way to the new location and to sum up the rest of the shoot in a few keywords it would be – interesting outfit changing locations, getting yelled at by the Metro train guard, considering jumping down on the metro tracks (Yikes), multiple occurrences of people yelling at Blake and Crystal to kiss. Oh yes, at one location near the Spaghetti Factory, Blake and Crystal were told to kiss like it was something out of the ordinary. People, they are engaged and in love, telling them to kiss is like daring your best friend to jump off the roof with cardboard wings… you don’t even have to say it because they are going to do it anyway. The amount of pictures of them kissing will prove that. 🙂

All in all, it was such a fun time. It was a session such as this one that makes me thrilled to be a photographer. And if Blake didn’t have to work that evening, I’m sure we would have stayed until it got dark. Next month is their wedding, I’m so happy for them and I look forward to their big day and capturing all those little moments.