Engagement | Caleb & Michelle

On my way to Vandalia to do the shoot with Caleb and Michelle I was passed by a truck that had a couple in it with clothes hanging in the backseat. I thought to myself, I wonder if that is them? Arriving to the location we were going to meet I was right behind them, they stopped and hoping my prediction was correct I pulled up next to them and thank God it was them!! πŸ™‚ How awkward would that be if it wasn’t, they would be wondering what in the world this creep is doing staring into their truck! Michelle had a ton of locations that she wanted to shoot at. I love when couples find the locations they want because it’s always interesting to see what they come up with; some are just out of the question and other locations are just perfect! It also allows me to better get to know the couple and their personality by the types of locations they like. If I could grade Michelle on her locations, she definitely earned an A+ because these spots were just awesome, and maybe we just got extremely lucky with the lighting at each location, but everything turned out perfect. Open field – cloudy, on a dock overlooking the water and trees – sun peaks out from the clouds, on the railroad – cloudy, sunset in a field – the sun looked AMAZING! It was just an awesome shoot and the lighting could not have worked better for us that day. And of course Michelle and Caleb were troopers and willing to try some pretty risky stuff to get the shot, like the on where each of them is standing on a track and they are kissing. The picture does not do the difficulty of that pose justice. One slip and the contact of lips probably would not have been a pleasant one. πŸ™‚