Engagement | Jacob & Jenna

The day started off about 30 minutes early for me. I was shooting in an area that I’ve not shot much at before so I wanted to scope out some areas before we started shooting. One regret… I wish I wouldn’t have worn black. I don’t know why but for some reason I want to wear black on hot, sunny days. Let me just be the first to say that black, sun, and heat are a mixture of a flood of sweat! I never would have thought I would work up such a sweat taking pictures. Talk about feeling nasty.

Anyway, there is something about couples like Jacob and Jenna. They have that smile… you know, that “we are in love” smile. 🙂 And it made it so amazing to see those smiles and that look grow throughout the session. You can see in their pictures that they have something special and it’s couples like these two that are just a blast to photograph. It’s so much fun to capture that love, as well as it is to get to know them as a couple and individually so we can connect on a personal level and build a true friendship rather than just a “client to vendor” type of feeling. I look forward to Jacob and Jenna’s wedding and I canNOT wait for them to see their pictures!