Engagement | Jake & Mandy

I was looking forward to this session since meeting with Mandy last year. When I met with her she already knew that I was a fan of being different and when we talked about locations and clothing options I think she was joking after she said her and Jake enjoyed hunting and could do pictures with their shotguns. I’ve not done an engagement session with shotguns yet, so I was all for that! I know, I know… it’s not the typical lovey dubby pictures, but who says they have to? I’ve not done any other engagement session with shotguns so Jake and Mandy have some truly unique engagement pictures. 🙂 And THAT is what I’m a fan of.

Of course the session wasn’t all camo and shotgun, we drove around to many different locations of jake’s farm and got some pretty awesome pictures. Jake and Mandy started their journey to marriage fishing together when Jake proposed, so to honor that engagement we got some pictures of the ring hooked to fishing line, I’m pretty sure this was my most challenging picture today!! You know how hard it is to focus on a ring swinging in the wind? Fortunately out of ALL the pictures I tried to get of it we got some amazing pictures from it. 🙂 Jake and Mandy’s engagement session was definitely far from traditional of any other engagement session, but one of the most important factors to working with me is the experience that you have working with me, so an engagement session like Jake and Mandy’s will definitely be a memory I’m sure they will carry forever!