Engagement | Joe & Erin

Driving all the way from Cincinnati, this was quite the eventful day for Joe & Erin, on top of having to make a trip back home. Whoo, talk about a lot going on, I’m out of breath just thinking about it. With all this rain we’ve been having, a positive side to it is that by having clouds it makes things SO much easier as far as the lighting is concerned. Soft, even lighting throughout. We don’t have to search for shaded areas or worry about sun spots on the faces or squinting eyes, you can’t ask for anything better. Joe and Erin were so much fun to photograph and we found some spots downtown Altamont that just seemed to fit their personalities. Or maybe it was the fact that they were all dressed up it just gave them this fancy type feel to it, so when we found a nice brick sidewalk with brick walls and trees on both sides, it just seem fitting. Of course, fast forward an hour or so and we are standing in the middle of a grassy area with jeans and Bengals jerseys on, which I was told was more their style… however, I thought the pull the classy look off just fine.