Engagement: Joey & Brittany

It’s Friday evening, partly cloudy, not to warm not too cool, I am following Joey & Brittany to our shooting location. We travel under an underpass filled with graffiti (small town graffiti, spray paint artists in this area have a long way to go to compete against big city taggers). This marks the beginning of our adventure of the engagement session. As people venture around the curve through the underpass, Joey and Brittany are looking like models for a magazine shoot in an urban location. I loved it! They were willing to do whatever, and they even had suggestions of locations! I love when a couple has ideas as well. I’ve seen so many photographers who say if you can’t deal with my style, maybe we shouldn’t work together. I’m quite the opposite. Why would I want to shoot everything the same way? When a couple has suggestions it makes me smile from ear to ear because 1. it helps us bond in a way that I can get to know their personality through the shots they want, and 2. we are getting shots they want. And that’s what matters to me. Even if it might not be my “taste” or preference, it doesn’t matter, because these are your pictures. And Joey and Brittany had a lot of ideas for different spots to try out, and they turned out great!

However, or session only went 30 minutes and when we got in our vehicles to travel to the next location, their car battery was dead. 🙁 And unfortunately neither one of us had jumper cables. But it all works out in the end, at least I think so. This way we can finish their session later in the fall when all reds, oranges and yellows are here! 🙂 So call it a blessing in disguise, or whatever, but I look forward to session number 2!!