Engagement | Nick & Rachel

On my way out to Olney, IL through winding streets, freshly rocked country roads, I felt like my gps was playing tricks on me, and then I found out the area we were shooting was a complete dead spot for AT&T! So when I arrived to their house, I was really hoping it was the right place because I was out in the middle of a field and did not know where else to look if this was the wrong place. Fortunately my gps lead me the right way and we got started with the session. As we climbed to barn lofts, muscled through a pasture of grass and scoped out the location for their outdoor wedding, everything seemed to work out perfectly. The sun was at just the right height for each location and it definitely helped that most locations were in a shaded area, because it was HOT! But Nick and Rachel were definitely troopers for braving the heat, and while I’m sure they were screaming for A/C on the inside it definitely didn’t show in their pictures and they have some pretty amazing pictures together.