Engagement: Samantha & Gary

It’s Friday morning and I receive a call from Sam asking if Saturday would work for the pictures. She REALLY wanted snow in the pictures and for the past month or two our schedules just haven’t allowed for us to get a shoot in with all the snow we had. I cleared my schedule because I wanted a snow shoot as well and we were able to shoot Saturday morning. The weather predicted Friday that through Friday night and Saturday morning there would only be flurries to provide for a light dusting. To our surprise we wake up to nearly three inches of fresh fallen snow, and still coming down like crazy! Because my poor car wouldn’t make it to Ramsey in the snow, we did the shoot at Ballard Nature Center in Altamont.

As I pulled up to the parking lot, I had an idea with the tree layout where the parking spots were, but it was difficult to find, so I thought I’ll just do the best I can, then out of no where it sounded like the bottom of my car was scraping a parking curb, but there are not any parking curbs out there, no I ended up straddling the pile of ice that the plows had piled a few days before, but all I could see was an even layer of snow. Not wanting to deal with my stuck car before the shoot, I parked it and we got on with the shoot. I knew that getting some good genuine laughs out of Sam would be really easy as she is almost always laughing. I went to high school with Sam and Gary, so I had a better idea of their personalities. The shoot went great, and Sam got just what she wanted, lots of snow, maybe even a bit more. 🙂 They were a blast to photograph, we definitely had our fair share of laughs, whether it was me getting stuck, snow starting to inch up on Gary’s hat, Sam about falling, or even me falling flat on my back while holding my camera in the air.

After the shoot, we did get the car out. Sam and Natasha pushed away at the front as Gary rocked it side to side and I controlled the steering and gas. If only there was another person there to take pictures, it was quite a site. lol