Engagement | The Proposal

No, this is not a movie review, I actually had the incredible honor to photograph and actual proposal. And because this blog post has considerably more pictures than any other blog post, I’m going to write it more like a picture book. 🙂

It started out about a month ago when Matt called me, and like any other person interested in photography one of his first questions was, “Will you be able to photograph our engagement.” As usual, I responded by telling him that engagement sessions are included in my wedding packages and if he would like we could discuss more about the wedding packages or meet if they were going to be in the area (Matt and Jessica are from Indiana). Matt cut me off to say tell me he meant the actual engagement, he was going to propose while on their way down to vacation and Ballard Nature Center in Altamont was right at half way between start to that night’s stop. This was something completely new for me, so I was definitely very interested in doing this.

Fast forward to May 26, Matt and I were keeping in contact through text. Since they were from Indiana I was keeping him updated on the weather because there was an 80% chance of rain this day. Fortunately, we caught a break and the rain held off for a few hours. Matt’s last text to me said their GPS had they were going to be arriving at 1:00, so I thought to myself I would get some lunch, gather everything up, and get there extra early to try and calm down my nerves. That was until I get a text at 12:05 saying they were walking on a certain trail. Almost losing my breath because I have had no lunch I’m almost just as nervous as I was on my first day of shooting a wedding and now I find out they are already there! I hopped in the car and pulled out my inner nascar and zoomed over to the park. As I get out of my car, Matt and Jessica walk by. Matt and I gave each other a few glances as to say, “here we go.” Now, let me take you through the pictures:



To not gain any attention by Jessica, I grabbed a park map and took pictures of some of the landscape hoping that I would have the appearance that I was shooting for a local article or magazine; which I later found out that this was exactly what Jessica thought I was doing. 🙂


Just some more pictures of the area while on assignment.


Matt mentioned to me in our phone calls that the signal for his proposal would be them taking  a picture together, as to hint get your camera ready.undefined

Matt dropped to one knee and asked Jessica to marry him. She was completely caught off guard and had no idea that 1. he was going to propose to her and 2. that the photographer in the background was there for them.

She of course said yes!undefined

Still taking pictures I hear Jessica exclaim, “Are you serious?!” Figuring she was talking about me, Matt tells me the secret is out and I can come out from hiding. As we did the introductions Jessica was blown away and could not believe that Matt actually found a photographer in an unfamiliar area.

Still shocked Jessica started to piece all of Matt’s weird behavior over the past month together.undefined

Afterward, we snapped a ton of shots of Matt and Jessica. I mean, nothing says engagement session like the day you actually got engaged. And how awesome because the expressions, the laughter, everything was so REAL!undefined

Searching for other places to shoot at, Jessica said that we just HAD to get some shots at the miniature bridge. What a funny looking bridge because I think it was even too small for a kid.undefined

Looking through these pictures like the ones above (and I had a TON of them) are exactly the reason I do what I do, and love what I do! 🙂undefined

Still figuring out why Matt was acting so different over the last few days.undefined

In the black/white picture can’t you tell by looking at it that Jessica is saying, “Who else knew?” And I love Matt’s expression, it’s kind of that smile like – ‘great success’ Or that he pulled it off without her knowing, so he was triumphant.undefined

Not sure this is quite the sign fit for a nature center, but if you could see the hill, you would understand why? HAundefinedENGAGED!

To wrap it up, this was possibly one of the greatest experiences of my photography career. To be able to just kind of follow Matt and Jessica and let the moments happen, what an incredible opportunity. And again, I’m so honored that they asked me to photograph such a HUGE event in their life.