Engagement | Travis & Janelle

I love shooting at locations out in the country that have everything you need just by turning around. And this was the perfect place: Pond, boat, windmill, wheat, woods, trails, sunset, hill, cabin… literally everything within a very short walk! And Travis and Janelle were so much fun to work with, and very willing to try anything, even if that meant standing on a bench that was rotted out by termites, which we learned was infected AFTER they stood on it. 🙂 I’m also a huge fan of couples scoping out the location before the shoot, there’s something about couples getting involved in their pictures that help them look at things in a whole new perspective – kind of like how a photographer’s world becomes a small square and everything, literally everything has a capability of being in a picture!

I think my last shot was one of my favorites. I figured the lighting was just perfect to try some water splashing pictures, but I thought it would be SO cool if they could kiss as Travis lifted Janelle in the air, however Janelle was jumping at the same time, so to jump, carry, lean in, and kiss; in my opinion would be an extremely difficult task to accomplish, but they did it and I was ready and we captured it at just the right time because the kiss could not have lasted more than a blink of an eye. I credit capturing that shot to all the lightning I use to shoot. 🙂