Erin & Joe // Newton, IL Wedding Photography

I’m sure I’ve mention it before, but I’m going to say it again, I’m a huge fan of sibling wedding bookings. 🙂 In fact Joe and Erin were one of two sibling weddings I had this year. Erin’s sister, Lacey, just got married a couple months prior and then what seemed like a blink of an eye, I’m photographing her sister’s wedding. The reason I absolutely love these types of bookings is the fact that I get to see all these familiar faces, and then on top of that, by the second go at it, the members of the family are pros when it comes to pictures because they know my style and they know what I expect from them. Really though, walking into the church for Erin and Joe’s wedding, I felt like I was with lifelong friends by this point. We’re joking around with each other, and reminiscing the wedding that took place just two months prior.

Joe and Erin were such a great couple to work with. And I’m not sure if I’ve worked with a groom who appreciated my job quite as much as Joe. We even stepped outside right before I was going to leave just to talk photography. 🙂 But it’s relationships like this where couples can feel this comfortable with me that make me love this job SO much! I love the friendships that are built from working at weddings and working with couples for nearly 1-2 years from the initial meeting to the wedding presentation. And to put a cherry on top of it, I’m always a fan of a couple that is willing to spend every minute between the wedding and reception to get some amazing pictures, and I’m such a fan of that because we obviously get some amazing pictures of the two and the wedding party, but because it’s just a great time for everyone to chill and have some fun and this energy is VERY contagious and I’m not going to lie, I love to laugh when I’m on the job. 🙂