Expanding Creativity

As a photographer, or really any profession in a field that requires you to be creative, you’ve always got to try new things. You might fail at most of them, but you do them all for that one big thing, or that one big thing you are working toward. So it’s good to never get stagnant, especially in a field that is CONSTANTLY changing from styles of shooting, to the equipment or technology we use. I’ve seen so many photographers who find that comfort zone and seem to stay with it, and just as a new computer becomes a dinosaur a week after it releases, so will these photographers’ styles. I never want to get to that point, because to me, that’s just the same as throwing in the towel, and let me tell you, I don’t plan to throw in that towel for a very long time!! 🙂

Anyway, my new venture actually had nothing to do with photography. Facebook recently released it’s new, more modern looking layout. I’m not going to lie, at first I hated it but after some time I became a fan (pun intended). lol And then I noticed how the 5 most recent tagged pictures of yourself are directly to the right of your profile picture, and I thought why not test something out. So yes, I did go into nerd mode for about 30 minutes working on different pictures of myself to make a collage from one picture. I think it turned out pretty awesome, and I think I’ll keep it this way for a while. 🙂 And again, I know it has nothing to do with photography, but it’s having that bit of a creative boost to energize new thoughts or approaches to my photography. Next up, maybe I’ll try to paint a masterpiece on my living room wall…. Or not.