Fallyn // Altamont, IL Senior Photographer

One of the things that I do enjoy about shooting at Ballard Nature Center in Altamont is not only it’s great scenery, but the exercise I get from photographing there. Because I never want to do the typical shots, since it is used quite often by almost anyone in the area, I just tell the people I’m working with to take a walk with me. It’s also a great time to get to know each other. As we hike the trails it gives us time to talk and allows me to get to know them so that I can get to know their personality and kind of incorporate that in the pictures. One thing I really enjoy about senior pictures is when the senior can be relaxed and be themselves. Fallyn had her friend Courtney (who is one of my ambassadors) with her so needless to say she was very comfortable and just an awesome senior to photograph. It was almost kind of funny, because there are times when I try and tell a senior girl how I want them to pose and because I’m not a female, 1. I look like a goof trying to show them and 2. I always have the hardest time doing the pose (see reason 1). But Fallyn was on top of her game. I’d start to tell her what to do and BOOM! She knew exactly what I was talking about it.

We got some pretty awesome pictures bring a fashion type approach to the outdoors. 🙂 I loved it! Fallyn was an awesome senior to work with, and I had so much fun trying new poses and searching for new locations as well!