Family | Carson Kids

There’s just something about the jr. high/high school age that does not like having pictures taken for mom/dad. 🙂 I know, I was there at one time. However, the Carson kids seemed to be a bit more into it than how I was at that age, so I knew I had to break the ice with them to kind of get the mindset of having pictures taken for the parents to having pictures taken just for fun. So what’s the cure to getting the mindsets from drab to fab? A simple countdown to three and make a face. This was so much fun, I won’t post those pictures as I’m sure the girls would not be a fan of that, but boy were there a lot of laughs. I had the kids look away from me, and on the count of three, they turned around to whatever face came to mind, I think this was definitely one of the more enjoyable shoots I’ve done this year. We also did a jumping pictures which is always a favorite among groups, whether it’s for family or weddings. One thing I REALLY like about the jumping picture is that you see a person’s true personality come out. Maybe they are just a stiff jumper, outrageous jumper, ballet type jumper, there are so many types of jumps that a person could do, and I think that’s one reason it seems to be a favorite.

The Carson’s were a ton of fun to photograph, and what a perfect day for pictures. I think it was the only normal spring day we had where it was sunny and not too hot. And the house we got to shoot at was absolutely beautiful, especially the log bard that we got to shoot in. What a perfect location for a family shoot.