Family | Outside with Ben and Kids

I think I’m still catching my breath from Ben’s family shoot. Whew. Ever since starting photography, I’ve witnessed SO many different personalities of kids from super excited to upset that they had to do the shoot. Ben’s kids, this was a whole different ball game. They were a ton of fun to photograph and definitely full of energy. It’s always funny seeing how kids will respond to being photographed because

some are uncomfortable with it and some are so comfortable with it that you wonder if they’ve done modeling work before. They were full of excitement and wanted nothing more than to show off, and out show the other one. 🙂 So if one made a face, the other would make a bigger face and it was just an ongoing battle to who could outdo the other. It was so cute, and funny, and while these aren’t your traditional family pictures, I’m pretty sure capturing the true personality of the family is a lot more fun to work with than fake smiles. Because nothing turns a kid away faster than forcing them to smile. HA

The session went great. We had just a few minutes of break between different storm systems so we were able to get plenty of pictures done outside. On top of that, Ben will definitely have some fun pictures to hang on the walls now… which I’m sure when his kids are in high school they will dread having to see the pictures again, but hey, you’ve got to have those pictures to scare off any new boyfriend or girlfriend that might be coming into the picture. 🙂