Family | The Childerson Clan

When Sherry (the mom) called me to ask about family pictures, I was thrilled. The Childersons, I knew would be a family that I could have them cut loose and do some fun group shots, and WOW! they pulled out some moves. 🙂 And it’s capturing that fun emotion as a group… as a family that I think is so much fun and critical through the years of having a family. Lets face it, every year that goes by seems to go by more quickly than the last, and before you know it the kids are graduated, married, and already have kids of their own and you realize you don’t have a single family picture. I’ve heard it more times than none where families say they want family pictures because they haven’t had one since their kid was a newborn. And my fear is that in this area families view family pictures almost as a hassle or a chore, and I think retail stores that offer family photography has ruined a lot of people’s perception on family photography. Trust me, with me you won’t find any cheesy fades or floating head shots that we’ve all grown to love… or not. HA

Family pictures should be all about capturing each member as an individual while at the same time capturing the family unit as a whole. The Childerson fam did just that. During one shot I requested that they bust out their best move on the count of 3, because count of 3 shots are just the best. Whether it’s a wedding party jumping or a family working their blue steel, it’s always fun to see what each person comes up with.