Frequently Answered Questions

Are you married?
Yes! Natasha and I married January of 2009 in Effingham, IL.

Would you be willing to travel to cover my wedding?
Yes, absolutely! We love to travel & look forward to the opportunity.

What type of equipment do you use?
We use top of the line Canon digital cameras and accessories. At every wedding we will have two cameras and a mess of Canon professional lenses from prime to zoom lenses so that we don’t miss a moment of your big day.

Do you shoot in color or black & white?
Both! Technically, everything we shoot is in color. This allows us to offer every option possible for your final print.

How many images will I receive from my wedding coverage?
This number will vary a bit based on length of coverage, but most of our clients receive somewhere between 500 and 900 images. We don’t have a set number that we try to reach for every wedding. Our focus is on getting the best coverage possible and never “counting” or conserving shots on your wedding day.

How much time should we allot for formals on the wedding day?
We are happy to help develop your wedding day timeline, and can offer advice on how much time will be necessary to schedule for family formals. We strive to move quickly during this time and promise to work in the most efficient manner possible. Often times, we are able to complete many of the must-take formals prior to the beginning of the ceremony, without the bride and groom seeing each other beforehand! Also, while we recognize the importance of these family heirlooms, we encourage our clientele to avoid elaborate shot lists, as we like to focus the unplanned, emotion-filled moments that will occur naturally throughout the day. But the short answer: anywhere from 1-2 hours including the time beforehand. This does not, however, include the time for creative fun shots of the couple and wedding party afterward. I usually request that you set aside at least another 1-2 hours for those pictures.

When will my pictures be done to view/order them?
For weddings, typically we are finished editing your pictures TWO weeks after your wedding date. So about the time you get back from a honeymoon and/or had a chance to wind down and let everything sink in the pictures will be ready to view! 🙂

For portrait sessions, a typical completion time is anywhere from 3 days to 1 week.

How do we reserve our wedding date?
Contact the studio to set up a phone consultation or a meeting in person. We maintain flexible business hours, weekdays or weekends (when available) to accommodate our client’s schedules. Steffen Harris Photography can only hold wedding dates after the receipt of a signed agreement and payment of a $500 retainer.

Oh no, I got a zit the night before the wedding! Can you remove it?
I always remove zits. They take hardly any time at all to get rid of. you can’t help it when a zit decides to pop out, and unless you really want it in your pictures, I’m sure you don’t want to be reminded of it every time you look through your pictures.


**This list will continue to grow as more commonly asked questions are asked**