Fridays | June Weather + Music Inspiration

Oh June temperatures, where have you gone? What an AMAZING month we had last month as far as temperature is concerned. Last year my sister got married in June and we literally got one picture taken outside before we gave up the idea of doing outdoor pictures. The heat index that particular Saturday was over 115 degrees, and it was completely sunny with a breeze nowhere to be found. As June 2011 made it’s appearance we were given a nearly a full month of mid-70s during the day and low 60s at night – perfect for opening the windows and letting some fresh air in. 🙂 So I go back to my original question – June temperatures, where have you gone? As we enter into July, with a heat index warning, I look back at how spoiled we were with perfect weather and I never really took the time to think about the hot weather that was bound to come with July. And just like some believe the best way to learn swimming is to just jump on in, I’ll be doing the same with an outdoor wedding to kick off July.

Scanning through iTunes the other day I was previewing some Steve Jablonsky work, he is best known for his work with pretty much anything Michael Bay (Transformers, The Island, The Hitcher, etc). In this particular case I was previewing some of his songs from the Transformers score, while at the same time working on pictures. For some reason I found myself inspired as I was editing pictures. The transformers films are so large scale and epic as well as the music with it, and it inspired me to almost look at the pictures a new way. And I’ve always been a believer in finding inspiration anywhere you can, whether it’s music, technology, the outdoors, etc. So you better believe the entire album was downloaded. Where do you find your inspiration? Do you see a magazine, a picture, a movie, a tree blowing in the wind and get inspiration from it? Whatever it may be, take grasp of that, and use it to better yourself whether it be for your job, hobby, school, etc.

Have a great Friday everyone!