So I thought today I would focus primarily on one subject for today’s Random Friday. When I first started photography as a business I was told on numerous occasions to network with other photographers and the power and benefits it has as a photographer. During my first year, I thought to myself, “how can that be? We are competitors.” How wrong 2009 Steffen was. Throughout last year and this year I have been focusing on networking with other photographers, talking with them and growing a relationship with them so that we may help each other out down the road. Kind of a I scratch your back, you scratch mine process. What wonders networking has for not only my business, but for their business as well. Think about it this way. I work up a relationship with a photographer, a week later I receive a call for a wedding but I have the date booked, but I now have a great photographer friend that I can refer them to. A week later my photographer friend receives a call for a day they have booked and refers me. Each of out businesses have grown, and we were able to pass along referrals to help ease the stress of wedding planning. And from a business stand point, how awesome is that? Each of you helped the other grow their business in doing what you love to do!

With all that said, that leads me to today. I met with a friend of mine Loker Photography, and we sat down at the coffee shop just discussing photography, photography business, future plans and goals, and the return was awesome. I think discussing different styles and knowledge with each other helped us grow our photography in a way that probably would have taken months to figure out. From Nathan I was able to get some insights into some things I’ve never even considered, and I was able to discuss some business bits that I’ve learned in this amount of time with him that he can be prepared for, and just that back and forth sharing of ideas and knowledge was awesome.

We did spend sometime taking some pictures and trying out some new things, so I’ll share them below. Enjoy! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!

Thought I’d have a little fun with HDR and messing with color on these 2! 🙂

Had Nathan pose for a couple pictures to try some different settings. I think we got some pretty cool looks.