New Website

I’m making some big changes to the website. I thought with moving into a new studio, having new equipment, and pretty much new everything, I should have a new website, right?! 🙂 I’ve always kind of been on the fence about my website, mainly because I’m so restricted to what I can do, and not only that just take a look at even photographers in this area and all of our website look the same! Primarily because the site I was using is so EASY! With that, it’s extremely hard to want to switch because right now I can change the look with one click, but the fact still remains that it looks like almost any other photographer around her, and if I’m wanting to differentiate myself, a website should be an easy place to do that. What I did was look at the photographers that I follow, these photographers are not only wedding/senior photographers, but they are teachers, mentors, and just great people overall and one thing they all have in common was their website. None of them looked like the other but they all used the same software. A lot of these photographers are a HUGE inspiration for my business from not only their great pictures, but also the way they do business and the experience they provide for their clients.

With that said, March 1 will be the official release of the new Steffen Harris Photography website!! So keep your eyes open because it will be here before you know it. I’m so excited to be releasing this site, and this is only the beginning! This year is going to be a year of great change and some exciting new things! And because I can’t stand waiting till March 1st, I’ll give you a little preview in the picture below. Keep in mind this is only a still image, so the interaction of the site is missing, but it’s a teaser. 🙂